Safe Flight Patents Tailstrike Warning System

White Plains, New York-based Safe Flight Instrument Corporation has patented a system that can alert pilots and help them avoid tail strike scenarios. The “Tailstrike Warning System” relates angle-of-attack rather than pitch guidance to ground proximity. The system also helps predict a tail strike threat in the case of a sloped runway. Because the warning system relates to AOA, it can be incorporated with existing systems and won’t increase the pilot’s workload.

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Nasdaq files patent infringement lawsuit against trading platform provider IEX Group

On Thursday, March 1st, the American stock exchange Nasdaq filed a patent patent infringement lawsuit against electronic-based trading platform provider IEX Group in the District of New Jersey. Nasdaq is seeking enhanced damages for willful infringement of a series of patents covering auction and order processing as well as other technologies. Nasdaq alleges the patents and technologies were known to the founders of IEX, who themselves were former Nasdaq employees.

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