Coolpad Sues Xiaomi Over Patents, For Real This Time: Report

It seems like Coolpad is suing Xiaomi over patent infringement, well, Coolpad’s subsidiary that is, Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific. Back in January, Coolpad actually sued Xiaomi for patent infringement, though back then, it seemed like the issue will be resolved soon… well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, Xiaomi claimed that it never received any official notice of a lawsuit by Coolpad, so the whole case seemed a bit weird. In any case, Coolpad has filed a case against Xiaomi in Shenzhen quite recently, and the company even officially announced its lawsuit, it seems, at least if My Drivers publication is to be believed. In the provided document, the company did clarify what’s going on here.

According to the released info, Coolpad discovered that Xiaomi infringed on some of its patents, that happened back in January, though it seems like Xiaomi didn’t really pay much attention to that, so Coolpad decided to move forward with the lawsuit. Coolpad is demanding that Xiaomi stops selling some of its devices which are infringing on Coolpad’s patents, including the Mi MIX, Redmi Note 4X, Mi 6, Mi Max 2, Mi Note 3, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 5 Plus, and the Mi 5X. On top of that, Coolpad is requesting a financial payment for Xiaomi’s offense, though it is not specified what amount of money Coolpad is demanding. Xiaomi will be receiving court papers soon, according to a report, so we should get a sequel to this report in the near future. It is a bit odd that Xiaomi did not settle this dispute with Coolpad since January, as the company is in the middle of IPO madness, not to mention that it’s expanding its Mi Store portfolio, so negative publicity, such as this one with Coolpad, is not something the company needs at the moment.

Chances are that Xiaomi will want to settle this as soon as possible once the papers arrive, presuming that the company is guilty, of course. It remains to be seen if the case will be settled out of court, or will the two companies will go to trial over this. It is still unknown what patents are we looking at here exactly, but Coolpad seems to be convinced that Xiaomi is in the wrong here, and the company would probably not file a lawsuit unless they’re certain. We’re waiting for Xiaomi’s response regarding all that, which will probably arrive in the near future, as the company is now basically forced to respond, one way or the other.


Source Android Headlines

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