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Samsung patents OTA wireless charging system for phones, tablets

Samsung has patented technology for true wireless charging — that is, charging that doesn’t even require the phone to touch the charging pad. Such technology has been dreamed about for decades, once being a common element in science fiction, soon hopefully to be a reality. Per the patent, Samsung’s system would make it possible to wirelessly charge a mobile device from nearly anywhere in a room, even while the owner uses it.

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Safe Flight Patents Tailstrike Warning System

White Plains, New York-based Safe Flight Instrument Corporation has patented a system that can alert pilots and help them avoid tail strike scenarios. The “Tailstrike Warning System” relates angle-of-attack rather than pitch guidance to ground proximity. The system also helps predict a tail strike threat in the case of a sloped runway. Because the warning system relates to AOA, it can be incorporated with existing systems and won’t increase the pilot’s workload.

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