Thai Nguyen tea is being protected in the United States, China and Taiwan

On 5/12, at the office of the People’s Committee of Thai Nguyen province, there was a ceremony to announce the collective mark “Thai Nguyen tea” protected in the United States, China and Taiwan.

After 3 years of appraisal, collective mark “Thai Nguyen tea” has been granted protection title by intellectual property agencies in the USA, China and Taiwan. This is a good condition to improve the value and competitiveness of Thai Nguyen tea products in potential overseas markets, to limit the risk of trademark misappropriation in the international markets, the association and the growing interest in producing and trading tea, creating a strong effect to raise the brand name “Thai Nguyen tea” on the world market.

At the ceremony, Mr. Dinh Huu Phi, General Director of the National Office of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science and Technology, said that the ‘Thai Nguyen tea’ is protected as collective trademarks in the above countries and territories, which have helped tea plantation in Thai Nguyen as well as tea export enterprises to be assured. Thai Nguyen tea has legal basis to fight intellectual property infringement. In the coming time, Thai Nguyen needs to improve the system of legal tools for the management and development of the collective mark “Thai Nguyen tea”, to effectively operate the system of management and brand name development. At the same time, building a brand identity system and improving the design and packaging to make a difference to the product branded “Thai Nguyen tea” to create a competitive advantage firmly; continue to study the registration of trademark protection Thai Nguyen tea in other potential overseas markets.

At present, there are nearly 22 thousand hectares of tea in Thai Nguyen province (second in the whole country). 9 out of 9 districts, towns and cities of the province have tea production with an average yield of about 113 quintals per hectare. The average tea yield is over 210 thousand tons / year, the production value is nearly 120 million VND / ha. Thai Nguyen tea products are available in 63 provinces and cities in the country and some countries in the world such as USA, China, Taiwan, UK, Japan, India, Pakistan … with output domestic consumption reached nearly 39,000 tons, exports reached over 3,800 tons. Tea processing has helped tens of thousands of households in tea villages escape poverty enriched to build a prosperous country as today.

Source Báo Tài nguyên Môi trường

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