Samsung turns fortuneteller, patents odd palm scanning security feature

Here’s a piece of news that will probably make you raise your eyebrows. According to a recent patent uncovered by the GalaxyClub publication, Samsung is developing a bizarre security feature that reads your palm in order to provide clues about a forgotten password.

We’ve all been there – in a temporary moment of brain freeze we can’t seem to remember our passwords. It’s frustrating, not to mention inconvenient – especially if you have something urgent to do. Well, Samsung has apparently devised an ingenious way to help you remember that password.

According to the patent documents, the new system developed by Samsung – which is set into action once your phone takes a picture of your palm – uses the specific arrangement of your palm’s lines to determine whether you are the true owner of the device and then provide cryptic, but discernible clues about what the password might be. For example, if your password is ABHL, parts of the letters will be displayed on the phone’s screen as to provide hints. Hopefully that will be enough to jog your memory.

The patent explains that the palm reading method is not an authentication method per-se, but a safety measure meant to aid users with password recovery. So if this feature does make it into Samsung’s future smartphone products (we don’t know yet if it will, since this is just a patent), it will be offered alongside standard biometric security setups such as fingerprint scanners, iris scanners or 3D facial recognition.

Source Android Guys

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