Samsung patents a flying display that’s controlled by your eyes

The drone would also potentially have voice-recognition capabilities as well as GPS and a Wi-Fi-based positioning system.

Samsung’s latest patent is for a drone with an integrated display that’s able to detect the face and pupils of a person as well as their hand gestures and position. The patent shows a unit that features a display at the center with four propellers on each corner. It was first spotted by LetsGoDigital.

The patent describes a drone that can include a camera and observation system to transmit information to the main control unit. The system can track the users’ eyes, head, hands, or fingers in real time. The drone’s flight speed and direction can be controlled by moving your head, eyes, or hands, and the unit can also automatically track users without any additional gestures.

Figure 3 shows the device from a side view. The patent describes a “joint manipulator” that can change the inclination angle of the flight. The unit itself isn’t limited to a quad-rotor shape; it can be reconfigured to different forms.

The unit may also include a gyroscope sensor, a motion sensor, a vibration system, and / or an accelerometer. Voice recognition capabilities, as well as GPS and a Wi-Fi-based positioning system are other functions the patent outlines that the drone could have. The application was filed on January 3rd, 2016 and granted on February 13th, 2018.

Figure 4 also shows a side view with the joint manipulators (113) and propellers that can change the thrust direction. The angle of the display can be minutely adjusted during flight. The drone would also feature an obstacle detection unit which would allow it to automatically detect and avoid structures and other objects while it’s flying.

The solid lines in the patent’s illustrations are its claimed features, while the broken lines illustrate what the rest of the device might look like. Samsung isn’t the only company working on drones: Amazon has also patented a bunch of drone concepts, including those that can self-destruct in an emergency.

I could see these Samsung drones being used for something like advertising. Imagine walking along the street and having all these drones that can detect your face following you, displaying targeted ads. That’s a grim future.

Source The Verge

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