Registering copyright for a song in Vietnam


A song that has been registered for copyright will be protected in terms of authorship and intellectual property rights for the composition by the creator, enabling economic benefits through authorized performances and commercial releases, and allowing the author to demand compensation if the song is used unlawfully.

What is the Registering copyright for a song in Vietnam?

According to Article 6, Clause 4 of Decree 17/2023/NĐ-CP, a musical work under the Intellectual Property Law is a work expressed in musical notation or other musical characters, with or without lyrics, regardless of whether it is performed or not.

Therefore, registering copyright for a song involves the author or the owner of the song going through the procedure of submitting a copyright registration application to the Copyright Office and receiving a certificate of copyright registration for the musical work.

What does the copyright registration dossier for a song include?

According to Article 50 of the Intellectual Property Law 2005 and Article 39 of Decree 17/2023/NĐ-CP, the copyright registration dossier for a song includes:

a) Copyright registration declaration and related rights registration declaration (according to the provided form) signed or marked by the author, the copyright owner, or the related rights owner, except in cases where they are physically unable to sign or mark;
b) Two copies of the work (including electronic copies) or two copies of the shaped recording, audio or video recording, broadcasting program;
c) Power of attorney if the applicant is authorized by the author, the copyright owner, or the related rights owner, as stipulated in Clause 6, Article 38 of this Decree;
d) Documentation proving ownership rights;
e) Agreement from co-authors if the work has co-authors;
f) Agreement from co-owners if the copyright or related rights are jointly owned;
g) In case the work includes the use of another person’s personal image, written consent from that person as required by law.

Where can you register the copyright for a song?

Registering copyright for a song is made easy with GreenIP. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution to protect your IP rights for your works in Vietnam, GreenIP allows you to submit an online registration application along with the necessary documents. We will handle all the required procedures with the Viet Nam Copyright Office. Once completed, you will receive your Copyright Certificate in a short period of time.

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