[Camobodia] Ministry seeks public’s help to fight fake news

Information Minister Khieu Kanharith on Monday called on the public to help officials monitor fake news in order to prevent it from impacting society and affecting public security.

Ouk Kimseng, ministry spokesman, today said that during the ministry’s weekly meeting, Mr Kanharith also urged the media to help combat fake news and instructed all departments in the ministry to monitor news posted on social media.

“His Excellency the minister has ordered that steps be taken to counter fake news because they affect public interest and slander the government,” he said.

Mr Kimseng noted that previously fake news, including ones on hacked websites, had published untrue stories, such as the arrest of tycoon Kin Meng or that the Prime Minister had been killed.

He said the government has already created a joint committee comprising representatives of the National Police, Telecommunication Ministry and Information Ministry, tasked with preventing the spread of fake news.

“We already have the joint committee working on this issue and will create a mechanism for the Information Ministry to respond to fake news immediately,” Mr Kimseng said. “Some fake news is harmless and just meant to be humorous while others poison people’s minds so people must judge news based on facts.”


Source Khmer Times

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