[Cambodia] New Year’s warnings

The Health Minister reminds all people in the Kingdom to avoid activities during the Chinese New Year festivities that may result in getting the bird flu, or food and alcohol poisoning.

Mam Bun Heng, Health Minister, instructed everyone to be careful with their health, especially in relation to bird flu and contaminated foods and alcohol, in public service announcement on Thursday (Jan. 24).

“Avian influenza continues to threaten health throughout the world and in our Southeast Asia. I want to remind all Cambodians to stay away from sick or dead birds, and be sure to wash your hands, with soap and clean water, after you handle birds and before you eat a meal,” he said.

The minister urges people who suspect they have influenza to immediately seek medical treatment at the nearest public health facility.

From 2005 until 2014, Cambodia had 56 cases of bird flu (H5N1 virus) resulting in 37 deaths. Although Cambodia has had no infections since then, everyone should still be wary and take care of their health.

Mr Bun Hen also advised people to be careful in respect to the dangers of food and alcohol poisoning. “In order to avoid food poisoning, everyone must store food under hygienic conditions and cook it well. Do not eat uncooked foods or raw meat.”

His ministry encourages the public to follow the issued advisories and enjoy the upcoming of Chinese New Year (Feb. 4-5) and Khmer New Year (April 14-16).


Source Khmer Times

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