Bad food busted and burnt

Some 66 tons of unsafe food, which was either chemically contaminated or over the expiration date, were confiscated and destroyed in the government’s 2018 crackdown.

Commerce Minister Pan Sorasak announced this on Thursday (Jan.17). Vegetables were found to be contaminated with agricultural pesticide residues, while sea food and meats were tested positive for containing prohibited chemicals.

Minister Sorasak said that “In order to respond timely to foods [treated with banned] … chemical substances or … [if perishable, are well over ripeness] the ministry and CamControl will adjust their policies to better enforce the laws on food safety, consumer protection, and effective competitiveness.”

He said that this is a task in which CamControl officials throughout the country must be diligent in order to protect people’s health.

“Food safety is very important for our people’s health; if they eat unsafe food or expired food it will affect their health. When their health is not good, they need to cure it,” he said.

He added that the CamControl department of the Commerce Ministry has three mobile laboratory vans: two for monitoring and analysing the quality of food products, and one for checking gasoline quality and quantity at gasoline stations nationwide.


Source Khmer Times

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