3 new points of the trademark registration form

3 New points of the trademark registration form

On August 23, 2023, the Vietnamese Government issued Decree No. 65/2023/ND-CP, which provides details on some articles and measures for the implementation of the Law on Intellectual Property regarding industrial property ownership, protection of industrial property rights, rights over plant varieties, and state management of intellectual property rights.

One of the highlights of Decree No. 65/2023/ND-CP is the introduction of a new industrial property declaration form, including the trademark registration form.

3 new points of the trademark registration form discovered and collected by GreenIP

First, add the option “Paper Certificate” for issuing trademark registration certificates. Previously, the trademark registration certificate was automatically issued in paper form. Now, “Paper Certificate” has become an option. Applicants can only receive a paper trademark registration certificate by indicating their preference with an X mark in the section [Paper Certificate]. Otherwise, the trademark registration certificate will be issued electronically.

Second, the addition of sound trademarks and three-dimensional trademarks, as well as the removal of linked trademarks. In the section “Type of trademark registration requested” under item 1, this adjustment is in line with the provisions of the current Law on Intellectual Property.

Third, providing information about the citizen identification number. In item 2, in the section for providing information about the applicant, the new form requires additional information about the citizen identification number of the applicant.

The purpose of this is to facilitate the Intellectual Property Office in verifying and managing the data and information of the applicant accurately and completely. However, providing information about the citizen identification number is not mandatory. It only applies in cases where the applicant is an individual. For cases where the applicant is an organization, specific guidance from the Intellectual Property Office has not yet been issued. For foreign individuals as applicants, they do not need to provide an ID number or equivalent information related to the citizen identification number

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Some frequently asked questions

What is a trademark?

According to Article 4.16 of the IP Law of Vietnam, a “mark” means any sign used to distinguish goods or services of different organizations or individuals. Such signs must be visible and may include letters, words, drawings, or images including holograms, or a combination thereof, represented in one or more colors.

How long is the validity term of a registered Trademark in Vietnam?

According to Article 93.6 of the IP Law of Vietnam, the validity term of a Trademark Registration Certificate is 10 years from the regular filing date and can then be renewed indefinitely for consecutive periods of 10 years.

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